The worst part about falling out of Love, is wondering if you'll ever open up that far again

Smilee, Cus you're Beautiful
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ℬlinding ℓights on We Heart It.


ℬlinding ℓights on We Heart It.

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Don’t Tell Me..


  • Don’t tell me ”I like you”, when you’re gonna flirt with other people.
  • Don’t tell me ”I miss you”, when you’re throwing those words at other people, too.
  • Don’t call me ”babe”, when you’re gonna give everybody else pet names, too.
  • Don’t say ”I care”, then act like you don’t, later on.
  • Don’t tell me ”I love you’’, when you’re clearly not in love.
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R.I.P. the twelve people killed this morning at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Denver. A gunman went into the theater with a gas grenade and killed these people, also injuring others, during a scene in the movie with gunfire (at first the people in the theater thought the extra gunfire was in the movie). The police are currently investigating, and we should pray for the families and friends of those killed and hope it never happens again.

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